Comstock Repeater Group

Welcome to our repeaters where we welcome new Amateur Radio operators as well as our regular users.

Currently we have three repeaters (with a fourth in development)

  1. W6KRK-VHF located in North San Benito County. This repeater can be accessed as follows: Freq145.11 MHZ, Offset: (-) 600 KHZ, PL: 94.8 HZ. Normal coverage area: Hollister, Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Prunedale.
  2. K7DAA-UHF located at about a 2200 foot elevation above Anderson Reservoir near the City of Morgan Hill, Ca. Freq: 442.975 MHZ, Offset: (+) 5.00 MHZ, PL: 100 HZ. This is a wide area repeater with coverage from Monterey in the South to San Francisco to the North. Please enjoy our friendly NET every Wednesday night beginning at 9:00 PM.The first Wednesday is our TECH NIGHT where you are encouraged to ask an Amateur Radio related question and we will do our best to give you an answer. Many times Dave Andrus, K7DAA, will host this evenings session. Visit our site at for follow-up articles related to our Tech-Night discussions.
  3. K7DAA-VHF located at about a 935 foot elevation near the right side of the Anderson Reservoir Dam. Freq: 147.33 MHZ, Offset: (+) 600 KHZ, PL: 103.5 HZ. Coverage is more local to Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy.

Contact for W6KRK, Jack Kirk Sr, Repeater Trustee / Manager                                                        cell / text: 831-637-0344, email:

Have you ever wondered what to do after you earned your HAM License? Try these two options:

  • “Ask for some help” by emailing to: and one of our friendly “Elmers” will contact you to answer your questions and offer you some help. The Amateur Radio “Elmers” are experienced radio operators that are willing to help new HAM’s enjoy their new hobby.
  • Please join us at  our Ham Fun Night hosted every third Thursday from 7:00 to about 8:30 PM. We cover many HF topics and other fun HAM related topics from digital modes to portable operation, solar power systems. This night is gauged to new HAMS as well as those with years of experience. Let me know if you want to receive announcements via our “HF Night POD” or email. Call or email Jack Kirk Sr for meeting location.